Classic Hummingbird Feeder, 4 Feeding Ports with Perch and Hanging Wire, 16 oz Capacity

  • GrayBunny hummingbird feeders, offering bright yellow flower like feeding ports and perching space, are an excellent choice for attracting humming birds to your home and garden.
  • Designed with 4 feeding ports and perimeter perching, allowing more birds to feed simultaneously and stick around longer. Main nectar housing easily unscrews for cleaning and refills.
  • Clear plastic center housing lets you easily see nectar levels. Includes an option use hanging wire.
  • A perfect gift for friends or family who love the birds. Great for bird watching near a backyard windows.
  • Gray Bunny offers premium products for your home while exceeding the highest industry standards and offering impeccable customer care. If you’d like your money back at any time within 6 months of your purchase, just ask. Click the “Add to cart” button now to adorn your outdoor living space now!

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